About us

Ashfaq Baig

Mitti Paoo

Our Chairman provides distinguished leadership, setting the strategic direction for the board and ensuring governance excellence while playing a pivotal role in steering the company toward its long-term objectives and values.

Selena James

Bookish Rose

Our Directors are visionary leaders, steering their departments with strategic foresight and expertise, and playing a crucial role in shaping the company’s direction and achieving long-term success.


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Our CEO is the driving force behind our vision and strategy, leading with inspirational foresight and a deep commitment to excellence, guiding our company towards groundbreaking achievements and sustainable growth.


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Our Senior Manager and Partner blend extensive expertise with strategic leadership, playing a dual role in both managing complex operations and fostering strong partnerships, crucial for our company’s growth and collaborative success.


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Our Financial Director is the cornerstone of our financial strategy, expertly managing the company’s finances with precision and insight, ensuring fiscal health, and guiding us toward robust financial performance and sustainability.

Jessica Volkov

Black Robox

Chief Operating Officer (COO), excels in streamlining operations, driving organizational efficiency, and implementing robust strategies to enhance overall business performance.

Gazette Post

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Our Marketing Officer (CMO) spearheads innovative marketing strategies, blending creativity with analytics to elevate brand presence and drive impactful customer engagement.

Jaine Austin

Bookish Era

Our Department Head is the strategic pillars of our organization, leading their respective teams with expertise and vision, and driving departmental success through focused leadership and collaborative innovation.

Elon James

Black Howk

Our Human Resources Officer is dedicated to cultivating a dynamic and supportive workplace, focusing on talent development, and organizational culture, and ensuring our team thrives in a positive, inclusive environment..

Ava Volkov

Go and Style

Our Research and Development team is at the forefront of innovation, tirelessly working to transform cutting-edge ideas into tangible products and services, fueling our company’s growth and keeping us ahead in a competitive market.

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Go and Shine

Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) leads the charge in technological innovation and strategy, ensuring our company stays at the forefront of digital advancements and leverages technology for optimal efficiency and market impact.

Ashfa Baig

EYE Observer

Our Project Managers are the keystones of our project execution, expertly guiding teams through complex timelines and challenges, ensuring every project is delivered on time, within scope, and exceeds expectations.